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Audible.Com Minion Wars - Free Codes

When you publish on they give you 25 free downloads of your audio book. I wanted to go ahead and share them out. Think of it as letting a balloon go into the sky and seeing where the wind drives it. (If one of the codes works for you consider leaving a review once you are done listening to it.)

25 free download codes for Minion Wars (Mildly Mad): 1. MBLN5Q2MHNZAU 2. 9DHAK3BRPRJ4L 3. 868G7NR49GCH8 4. MJAWKALFAEDQU 5. MYK3R8B5UNL39 6. 7QEEWJA6WQEDK 7. WK3Q5M2QD4MJ5 8. 5Z453YQ9Y84RF 9. FR9D3SS7XWBX3 10. HABB77CDH44LF 11. 3TBE9YCAPBL5X 12. UYZBBCZALBY8B 13. XZN8448XD3D47 14. EKE5J6F52DFE4 15. 4GZF54Z7GNWZT 16. KZGN9P8WZJ2JT 17. SZ8QDQ6Q9FD6G 18. CHCFH44U9EKPW 19. NR7KDWFZHJDR2 20. 945K67CFWQT36 21. 2ZQYJ8B2K8KK9 22. LJY2GNWSLL3TN 23. HQXNCG9PK8YP4 24. MKRPFAHSZEQTG 25. PAXPSYZWH8ZYL [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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