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Story Idea - You are Fake News

You are Fake News

Off the back of the Trump adage ‘you are fake news’, White becomes superbly angry with the amount of fictional content on the internet when he reads an article saying his favorite singer has died, but he hasn’t. Everywhere he goes, he’s plagued by hoaxes and pretend news stories and it fuels his anger.

He becomes so enraged that he creates a super-program that he uploads to the internet, which searches out every fake news story, and makes it true, changing the content of these websites so that they reflect reality. With each story it changes, it grows and becomes more powerful. Soon, it begins to hack into peoples personal accounts and messages and changes all the incorrect data to real date. Everyone's usernames on forums and other sites (Reddit, 4Chan, anything else where people troll or use fake names) becomes their real names, dating apps are updated giving truthful descriptions of people, and message contents are edited to reflect reality - ruining friendships, marriages, and everything else. Politicians become exposed for their dalliances, and things begin to collapse.

The president goes live on television, saying that if it cannot be stopped, then he’ll fire an EMP which will destroy all the electronics in the world. Mortified by the thought, Green and White band together and upload themselves to the internet in a bid to fight the program. They have to create so much fake news that the program cannot ever change it all back in time. Eventually, using algorithms which create sites, profiles, and messages, they flood the internet with so much fake information that coincides with other fake information they’ve released, that the program cannot tell what is fiction and what’s fact, and ultimately overloads itself and shuts down.

Everything is solves, except when White goes on the internet the next day, he finds that the problem is worse than when he started, and that fake news is now more prolific than ever. Adding to the idea that everything is fine and they only make things worse with their ideas and inventions, and not better.

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