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Farmer Henry White


Farmer Henry White is a former mechanical engineer who has worked on lots of different types of projects. He is an expert in mechanical, electrical and computer engineering and loves to build machines. He got into robotics when he retired, and his workshop is a lot like a toy-maker’s.


Physically, White is tall and wiry, but fit. He cares about his appearance and is well dressed in formal wear, even when doing farming and other outside tasks. He has neatly trimmed salt and pepper hair, mustache and mutton chop beard.


White has a quirky personality and occasionally gets flashbacks from the “good old days”.  He enjoys baking cakes, eating ice cream, and solving logic puzzles. He never learns lessons from his failures because he’s not looking for them. White believes that only deterministic process controls can achieve a desired outcome. His motto is “measure twice and cut once”. He has lots of half-started projects which in principle should work but turn out to be a bit buggy. 


White has constructed many useful gadgets that both he and Green use, such as the Holo-pad in Green’s greenhouse office and White’s office den. White also has a hidden camera on the lapel of his suit that is always ready to snap or record.


White’s minions are Robo-Toys. Farmer White is always tinkering with his robotic creations, trying to perfect their physical form but failing to notice that the real problem with them is their “minds” (personality and reasoning). They are completely loyal but incredibly stupid, often following the word but not spirit of his commands. They can get simple jobs done very efficiently, but beyond that they flounder. Being robotic and programmable, they can be upgraded to give them different types of abilities. Their versioning reflects what updates and bugs have been fixed. For example, a Version 1.0 is very buggy gets more “stable” as the versions increase.  

Farmer White’s AI assistant is called Mira.  

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