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The Crew

J. Farmer 
J. Farmer is an engineer, builder and an all around do it yourself guy. Growing up in a small town in he had the opportunity of roaming the creek bottoms, building elaborate forts and learning a great deal about animals. His overactive imagination mixed with strong role models led to both formal and informal training.  His grandfather called himself a “Jack of All Trades and a Master of None” and had a shop full tools and scrap material which stood ready for use. His more traditional education culminated with degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. He has extensive work in “the industry” as a computer programmer and engineer. Fun stories based on the science and technology are just an extension of his desire to inspire the next generation of builders.

Key Contributors 

G.R Wilson 
G.R. Wilson (“Geoff” to his friends and clients) lives in the technological and beautiful city of Rochester, NY, where in addition to writing, he enjoys weight lifting, tabletop roleplaying games, and playing blues harmonica. Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and Michael Shaara are among his favorite authors. Most of what he writes falls under the Horror or Science Fiction genres. He also writes blog posts and other marketing content, plus fiction, for clients on Geoff is an ardent follower of science and technology news, and hopes that the stories of Farmer Green and Farmer White excite and delight young minds. Fans can connect with him on, where they can find information on his other books, and get linked to his professional writing services.

Gabriela Anne Carter
Gabriela Anne Carter was born and raised in a small town in Louisiana, right outside of New Orleans. Her love of writing was birthed from her favorite pursuit as a child - reading. In the fourth grade her first short story, "No Trespassing," placed in the "LA Writes" writing competition. Gabriela is currently pursuing her writing career in New York while dabbling in her second love, fashion. You can find her in a coffee shop, building stories based on passerby and ruminating about the complexity of life. You may contact her through her website,

Daniel Morgan and Osian Lewis

George Nuridzhanyan
George is an aspiring author of steampunk science-fiction & fantasy with the right amount of weird & horrific thrown in. During day time, he is a data geek, a machine learning enthusiast and a Pythonista.

Chris Embry 
Chris is a technical writer and trainer living in Seoul, South Korea. He's interested in editing and writing sci-fi/fantasy novels and short stories.

Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis is writer from Denton, TX. There is no telling where he lives now, as he is traveling with his spouse in the van they converted into an RV together. Tyler writes fiction and creates content for clients on UpWork, personal projects, and his blog that he occasionally updates, but not as often as he should. You can find his personal works at

Brian Seitzman

Brian Seitzman most frequently writes supernatural horror but his background is in biology and environmental science. He shares his Worcester, MA home with a professor, a hedgehog, and a bearded dragon. When not dreaming up stories, Brian can often be found in the woods seeking his favorite fungi.


​Jonathan Herzog

Jonathan Herzog is a freelance story artist and illustrator who is probably drawing the moment you’re reading this. His work can be found at

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