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Farmer Radcliff Green


Farmer Radcliff Green is a former chemical engineer who now spends his time modifying and inventing new forms of life. Although he eschews mechanization and lives in a compound full of green plants, he is in no way a hippy, and cares nothing for the “organic” movement. He simply loves the chaos and energy of life in all its forms. 


Green is as round as he is tall, with muscles developed from working with animals and plants for years. He has white hair, which spills out of a ponytail like growing vines.  He isn’t overly worried about his appearance and can be found in various typical farmer clothing.   


He believes that the best way to create things is not to be deterministic about it; to establish the right conditions for growth, add the proper elements, and let it become what it wants. Now that he’s retired, he is focused on gene splicing, DNA and bio-genesis.  His workshop can be described as a cross between a witch’s potion brewery and a druid’s greenhouse.


His creations are odd hybrids that developed mostly on their own. While his minions have wonderful, unique personalities, they are prone to physical defects and often have their own agendas. They read into Farmer Green’s commands and try to accomplish what they see as the “spirit” of his orders. They often are completely wrong, making them useless for simple tasks - but indispensable for jobs that require creativity. Green’s creative hobbies apply to animals, plants, fruits and vegetables alike.  To the average person these hybrid creations are seen as dangerous, but not to their creator.  


An example would be Green’s “chicken” flock. These “chickens” are really a combination of chicken, chili peppers and rhinoceros DNA. The chickens are brightly colored (either red, yellow or green) with extra beefy legs and wings. They also have the addition of a small horn on their beak. The flock understands what Green asks of them but tends to mess up the task. They are smarter than the average chicken but that doesn’t amount to much. They have had Kung Fu “training” through mental conditioning using Bruce Lee films.  They don’t like the neighboring scientist White’s mechanical toys and this can spark some underlying feud tensions.

Green’s AI is a “Not-So-Supercomputer” built from an old Commodore 64 (C64 for short.)

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