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Story Idea - Windows 98-Atron

Windows 98-Atron

During their spring cleans, White and Green both throw out a huge heap of old tech they have. It gets hauled away to the dump and thrown in. Green’s organic components take root in the rotten garbage, and White’s animatronic AI systems begin to put together blueprints.

Before long, the organic components have been pulled together with roots and vines that respond to electrical signals given from White’s old AI brains. They form a colossal robot formed from old tech and garbage. Think tires for feet, legs made from tesla coils, hips from the front axel of a car, the body from old fridges and dishwashers, arms from other bits, hands made from cutlery and a giant TV as a head, displaying the Windows logo for eyes.

The machine is huge and wreaks havoc across the town, sucking up junk and growing larger and larger by the minute. Soon, the military get involved, but the machine is so gigantic that nothing can touch it. Missiles and weapons are absorbed, along with tanks and other vehicles.

White and Green come to the rescue, and after a bunch of failed attempts to destroy the monster machine, they run a remote diagnostic and find out that the OS is Windows 98.

One of the scientists remarks that this problem has been caused by America’s poor outlook on recycling and waste disposal, and the offloading of responsibility onto others.

White has a brilliant idea, and takes Green with him on a do or die mission. They must fly up to the head in a helicopter, and Mission Impossible style, White has to abseil out on a rope and get to the USB port on its neck while Green flies the chopper.

After everything else has failed, Green doesn’t understand how White can win, but White knows the weakness of Windows ninety eight. All he has to do is try to open more than one program at the same time.

By opening Paint, a spreadsheet, and pong at the same time, he overloads the processors and the machine falters. It breaks up and rains down in a huge storm of garbage, beaten by the scientists.

When Green asks if they should help clean up, White says that someone else’ll take care of it, which is counter to the point he made earlier about offloading responsibility. He then remarks that they should go get ice cream instead,

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