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Story Ideas - The Replicants

The Replicants

Green is at home, minding his own business, when there’s a knock at the door. He opens it to find White standing there, smiling, with a six pack of beers. He questions him, but White simply says that he wants to spend some time with an old friend.

They share an evening filled with laughs, and then white departs.

Several days later, it occurs again, and again, and again. White brings dinners, movies, and they begin to forge a strong friendship. After several weeks, White begins to enquire about Green’s latest projects. Things continue in this fashion, and Green is very flattered to have White pay him such interest. Then, White gives him a compliment, saying ‘Wow, you’re the smartest guy I know!’ or something, and Green suddenly becomes suspicious. White would never admit to not being smarter than Green, so something must be up.

Green begins spying on White, but everything seems normal, except when he sees him coming out of his lab, he locks his door. Green finds this odd, as the house is protected by a security system anyway. Using the network of underground tunnels, he manages to find a way into White’s lab. What he discovers is that Henry White is being held hostage in a cage, a prisoner in his own laboratory. The door suddenly bursts open and two perfect copies, one of White, and one of Green both stand there, triumphantly. The real Green has fallen for the trap, and has taken himself to prison.

White has been experimenting with android copies of himself, so that he could get more work done. However, once his became self aware, it realised that there could only be one White, and that the replicant was it. He was keeping White around simply to study his mannerisms and nuances, to become a more convincing replicant. Now, the android White has built an android Green too, and together, they intend to take over the world using White and Greens resources, and no one will ever know they are androids. White was spending so much time with Green to fully map his DNA sequence to create an android copy with the same genetic blueprint so that it could bypass Green’s security systems as he could.

Green and White are imprisoned together, and must think of a way to get free. They figure out that because android Green and White are so like the originals, that neither could stand to admit that they were the stupidest. They goad android Green into believing that android White thinks he’s superior because he created him. They then say the same to White, that Green thinks he’s better because he’s newer. They slowly turn one against the other until they destroy each other in the lab in front of them.

This is the resolution, but the funny part comes when they realise that they’ve won, but that they’re still stuck in the cage and White has the key on him at the other end of the lab.

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