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Story Ideas - Virtually Screwed

Virtually Screwed

Green gets awoken suddenly by White and finds himself on an interstellar warship that’s landing on a hostile alien planet. White hands him a massive laser gun and tells him that they have to get going, the drop ship is leaving.

They’re soldiers in the future fighting a war to claim a planet that had natural resources on it vital for earth’s survival. White tells Green that he was playing this video game the night before, but thought that it could be more realistic, so he brought Mira over to Greens and hooked her up to C64 to combine their computing power. Using his VR tech, he was able to put them in the world of the video game, which he thought would be a fun prank to wake Green up to. However, the VR is so strong that they are fully immersed, and they can’t leave until they win the level, which means getting to the alien plutonium field, and beating the giant insect alien boss there.

The alien planet looks really boggy, like a massive marsh, and it has really low gravity so they can leap about. There are geyers strong enough to blast them into space, and once, this happens and Green has to save White’s life by leaping after him with a grappling hook attached to a tree, grabbing him just before he gets to space.

Another occurrence would be the noxious gas fields they go through, which turn people crazy. Green and White would have to get their masks on quick, but the other soldiers wouldn’t, and they’d have to sneak through the fog and gas to escape. Then, Green’s mask would have a crack in it, and gas would slowly seep in. He’d try to attack White, and White would have to hold his breath and take his own mask off, to put it on Green to get fresh air back into his system before he goes totally mad. They’d just make it out together, and be stronger friends for it.

Basically, they go together, and shoot loads of weird alien insects on the way, helping each other out until they get to the final place. Using all their tech and weaponry, they finally manage to defeat the giant insect, and get drenched in goo and slime as they do. They win the level and finally get teleported out of the game. Throughout the level, Green is really nice to White, but then, when they get free, he blows up on him and says he was only being nice so that White helped him to stay alive. Hurt and upset, white sulks off, and Green says he’s going back to sleep. Just as White is sulking in his house, he spots another game on the table. ‘Zombie Horde Survival’. He has a very wicked idea and the story ends as he picks it up and begins smiling to himself.

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