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Story Idea - Whispering Horses

Whispering Horses

Doctor White has a dream about ‘horse whispering’, and decides that he wants to become a horse whisperer. When he tries whispering to horses, he finds them unrespsonsive, so he looks it up and finds that it takes years to master. He has the brighter idea to implant horses with an AI chip that makes them responsive to commands, when whispered.

At first, it dazzles everyone, his mastery of horses that no one else can beat

But then, quickly, he loses interest and moves on to the next project. Some days later, he comes outside, and sees all the horses gathered in a circle. When he approaches, he realises they’re all whispering to each other about something, but then suddenly break up when they see him and walk off, pretending like nothing’s going on. When he asks them, they say that they’re not up to anything, but he keeps catching them whispering to each other, and looking at him and Green with sneaky expressions.

He eventually bugs the stable, and listens in on their conversation, hearing that they intend to overthrow the government and rule the world. The funny thing happens when White tries to act, but before he can get to his lab to deactivate the chips, he finds the first horse he ever implanted sitting there in his chair (obviously the horse is huge so it looks really uncomfortable), and when White asks what he’s doing, he shushes him and says that he won’t speak to him unless he whispers. That is their main concern with the earth, that everything is too loud, and that noise pollution is destroying the planet. They want everything quiet, and quickly use White's technology to build robots that detect and suppress noise by muting people. So every time Green and White collaborate to try to stop the horses, they get muted and can't talk - comedy ensues, and then the resolution would come when they seek help from an animatronic John Wayne that White builds, who basically only speaks using quotes from his movies, but then tames the horses and basically resolves everything, but ultimately insults the two doctors while he does.

The last line would be something like:

‘And as john lassoed the last of the horses and ushered them back into the stables, everything returned to normal. The only things that were hurt, were the doctor’s prides. Green turned to white and said: ‘Well, I’m glad that’s over. Thank god for john wayne.’

And white replies: ‘Eh, I think i prefered the horses.’

Here are some good quotes:

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