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"To be connected to the earth is life and to want to change it is the nature of man."

Project Goals

The Farmer Project is creating a series of fun science fiction stories involving two retired mad scientists posing as farmers.  Both are brilliant, and extreme archetypes of their fields. Both farmers have created their own minions which go on missions and tend to mess things up before they can make them better.  

Readers can follow their adventures and mishaps while being introducing to fun “sciency” things.

Concept Art - Farmer Green
Farmer Radcliff Green

Farmer Radcliff Green is a former chemical engineer who now spends his time modifying and inventing new forms of life. Although he eschews mechanization and lives in a compound full of green plants, he is in no way a hippy, and cares nothing for the “organic” movement. He simply loves the chaos and energy of life in all its forms. 

Farmer Henry White


Farmer Henry White is a former mechanical engineer who has worked on lots of different types of projects. He is an expert in mechanical, electrical and computer engineering and loves to build machines. He got into robotics when he retired, and his workshop is a lot like a toy-maker’s.

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